Sunday, January 25, 2009


53 days and counting - Base was hit - cant come soon enough for me

I cant wait for Brock and our other soldiers to be safely at home. Brock told me the other day he had something to tell me if I promised not to worry. (okay, show me any mom who does NOT worry, lol) His base was hit the other night. I cant even imagine. We were all here, his dad, his 2 brothers and me and we were all extremely upset and worried. It was so good to hear from him afterward and know he was okay. I guess I got lulled into that sense of security since he is working on a base that apparently hasnt seen anything like this in quite awhile and he is so close to coming home. Now my panic button has risen again. I ask that you all keep everyone of our brave men and women in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Awards - WOO HOO

Awards Awards!!!

Who doesn't like to be recognized. I was given this award by my friend Carole at My Bizzy World. She is upbeat, positive, knowledgeable and a great person. So without further adieu, here are the rules!

#1 You must link back to the person you received the award from.
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1.) Kelly Segraves, Gourmet Candles

2.) Krista Clyburn, WAHM Addicts

3.) Ellen Levinas, The Sample Bag

4.) Coach Jenn, Personal Fitness Coach

5.) Lindsay, Lindsay

6.) Maureen Daniels, Online Shopping Mall

7.) Toni Brundage, Creations by Toni

8.) Tamara Putvin, Wow Em Factor

9.) Heather Ingram, Willow Lake Scents

10.) Margarita Cruz, Candle Momma

I would love to name every blog I follow as they are all so awesome. Great info, input, valuable information and just great people. Wishing everyone an awesome day and happy blogging!!!

Love and hugs, Lisa

Have you sent in your recipe yet?

Military Momz Menuz magazine will be released in February. If you have a recipe, picture of your soldier, etc.. that you would like to have entered, get those to me by January 23, 2009 to be guaranteed placement in the magazine. You can email those to me at I would need your recipe, any picture, a link to your business if you would like to include it, along with how you would like the Recipe contributed by_______________, along with any caption if you send a picture. The pictures can be from whenever. These do not have to be pictures of doldiers currently serving in the military. We support ALL soldiers, past, present and future, so if your great great whoever was in the Armed Forces and you have a picture you want to share, please feel free to do so, as we would love to have it. Also.... please note that by sending, you are authorizing use of your name, any picture and recipe to be used by us.

Thanks and get those to me!!!!!


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Monday, January 12, 2009

66 days and counting

Wow, time is really going by fast. I am so excited about seeing my son. I am going to hug him tight and never let him go!!!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009


We have a goal of selling 1,000 T-shirts by March 19th. I chose this date because it is Brock's tentative date to leave Iraq. I would like to ask that you share my site with your family and friends and let them know that 50% of all profits at the end of 2009 will be donated to Soldiers Angels. I do thank you in advance for those of you who can assist me in meeting my goal.

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AM Phone Call

Brock called this morning! He was fine, sounded great. I was getting a bit worried because we hadnt heard from him and neither had his wife, not since Thursday. (Technology is great, but when you are used to being able to talk everyday and then you dont see your child logged on for 2 days and also hasnt logged in and checked him myspace account, yes it gets a little nervewracking), but I try to keep in mind that the few times we have went more than 1 day without talking to him (which has only been about three times now) they had connection problems and/or he was just really busy. So hearing from him this morning was great. They had internet issues.

We got to talk for a bit before he had to go, which was really wonderful! I CANT WAIT FOR HIM TO COME HOME!!!!! We told him to send more pictures so I could update you guys.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

69 days and counting in less than an hour....

Yes, I am on that daily countdown. I want to hug my boy so tight and then hug him again. I miss him so much. I get to see my other 2 sons almost daily so... I get to love on them a lot. It is hard to go from having 3 sons in the house with constant friends over all the time down to just one son left in the house, although he still has a lot of friends come over also. I know the lady at the grocery store use to tease me about feeding all the teenagers in our town. LOL. Those were and still are good days. I advise you all who have children at home to enjoy every minute. I always thought ALL my children would live near me forever, but it doesnt always happen that way.


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Monday, January 5, 2009

73 and counting....

I cant wait to get a hug from my son and DIL. It seems like so long ago, I hugged him bye at our hotel in CA. I tried to be strong and not cry, but the moment he said, well, I guess we need to go. I lost it. I hugged him and my daughter-in-law so tight and just cried. Even though we have been able to talk just about everyday via IM and myspace and email, it is still so hard knowing he is so far away and in a dangerous place. I know God will take care of him and watch over him.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

77 days and counting

Yes, I am on a countdown till I get to see my son. Although, he actually leaves the sand pit on the 19th of March, it will take him about 3 weeks to get back to his home base and yes, I plan to be there and meet him the minute he steps off that plane. It seems like it has been forever since he has been gone... I cant wait to see him and hug his neck.