Saturday, January 10, 2009

AM Phone Call

Brock called this morning! He was fine, sounded great. I was getting a bit worried because we hadnt heard from him and neither had his wife, not since Thursday. (Technology is great, but when you are used to being able to talk everyday and then you dont see your child logged on for 2 days and also hasnt logged in and checked him myspace account, yes it gets a little nervewracking), but I try to keep in mind that the few times we have went more than 1 day without talking to him (which has only been about three times now) they had connection problems and/or he was just really busy. So hearing from him this morning was great. They had internet issues.

We got to talk for a bit before he had to go, which was really wonderful! I CANT WAIT FOR HIM TO COME HOME!!!!! We told him to send more pictures so I could update you guys.

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