Friday, September 26, 2008

195 days and counting

My son's tentative date to come home from Iraq is April 8, 2009. I have begun my countdown. I am ready for him to be home now. I am trying to stay busy with work and keeping my mind on other things, but it is so hard... I want to be there with him, shielding him from any harm and keeping him safe. He is a grown man now, but to me, my 3 sons will always be my babies, even when God willing, I am holding their babies in my arms. I appreciate the support and well wishes, prayers and thoughts from everyone. For those of you who don't know, my DIL was unable to go at the last minute. She has a thyroid problem and is now on medication. She may get to join him there next month. I plan to be there waving my American flag and crying of course, when his plane lands in LA in April. I did receive a message on MySpace from him this morning saying he was in Kuwait, where he will be a few days before he gets to Iraq. (Yes, he is not actually in Iraq yet and I am already on my countdown.)

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