Saturday, September 27, 2008

I saw Brock!!!

I was sitting here reading my email and had a yahoo friend request popup from Brock. I immediately started screaming for Tony, who was downstairs and of course, could not hear me. TJ ran out, what is it? I said go get your dad, Brock is online. We talked for a bit and then I got a webcam share request. I SAW HIM! He looked so good! It was really dark, but I got to see his beautiful smile! We talked for a little bit. He was fixing to go to bed. He is going to be in Kuwait for a few days. I am so happy!!! To think, I was fixing to go to the store, LOL and could have missed him. I would have been SO disappointed. I am fixing to go buy a webcam so he can see us. He was so handsome! God blessed me with with 3 handsome sons! Well, to be quite honest, God has just blessed me tremendously with a great parents, brothers and sister and in-laws and children, and of course, my dear husband! God bless you all and have a great day!


Ruth Solberg said...
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Ruth Solberg said...

I'm so glad you were there to get the video and message! I can feel your excitement. Three of my five were in the military as well. Prayers for you and yours! And bless your son for what he is doing!

Kim Shulman said...

What a wonderful day for you - so glad to hear it. I will be thinking of you and hoping to hear of his safe return home soon.