Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dramatic jump, OMG, I am so happy - 18 days and counting

Just talking to my son on IM and he is leaving on my mom's birthday March 11 and should be at his base by the 15th, but wont be in GA until May 1. WOO HOO, I am so excited!!!! That is 8 days sooner than we had originally thought, although I guess I will be on my way to CA as I cant see waiting the whole month of April to see him!!! What great news!!!! I am so happy!!!

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My Bizzy World said...

thanks so much for all the lovely comments to my blogs. I will be commenting again soon. I had no nursing work for a while. NOW I have more than I can handle at the moment. Life is busy and good right now. So much so I keep forgetting important appts.