Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was given this award from Nicole at There Once Was A Girl
Kreative Blogger Rules

#1 - Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other kreativ bloggers.

1. My family. My family is my greatest achievement!!!
2. Beach - I love the beach and would love to live near any beach in the world.
3. Greta and her bloggers, they ROCK!!!!
4. Reading - I love to read.
5. Shrimp - I love shrimp just about anyway it could be made.
6. Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino's YUMMY!!!!
7. Talking, chatting, visiting, meeting new people, etc... especially at and

#2 - Here are 7 bloggers I would love to pass this award onto.
1. Aria'z Ink
2. Melodies and Hymnsongs
3. My Diva Diet
4. Success from Home with Gourmet Scented Candles
5. Family Biz Blogger
6. WAHM Addicts
7. Sam's Spot


Femin Susan said...

Thanks for sharing!
may god bless you !

Cathy said...

Congratulations, Lisa, You did great listing your 7 things. Thanks for sharing with me. You are very sweet.

Carolee said...

What a great way to get "out there" in the blogosphere.

Hop on over to my blog & put your link for The Ultimate Blog Party. Another way to get your blog out there for thousands to see.

Aria said...

Thanks to you Lisa for this award, so kind of you to think of me! Hope all is well with you! Great day to ya! ;-)

Liz said...

Congratulations you sure desire this award. I love the beach also!!!