Monday, March 2, 2009


I got this from Diane at and I wanted to pass it along. If you want to play, then leave me a comment and let me know. Once I receive your comment, then I will leave a comment on your Blog and I will assign you a letter ( A - Z ) After you get your letter, do a Blog Post ( copy and past these instructions first ) then use the letter I gave you and write TEN things you love. Remember that each of those things HAS to start with the letter I give you.

Diane assigned me the letter P, so here we go !

1. Pleasure!!! Who doesnt love pleasure of any kind!!!
2. Playing!!! Again, who doesnt like to play. I like to play games with my children, play jokes on people and just play in the sun and at the beach.
3. Pie, chocolate pie. YUM YUM
4. Partys. I love a good party. Meeting and talking to others and hanging out.
5. Pizza - Pizza Hut super supreme with extra mushrooms, no onions, olives or peppers.
6. Provino's a great Italian place here in town.
7. Pinky and the brain cartoon.
8. Pennies cause they add up to dollars.
9. Pictures, I love to look a pictures, especially my through the years photo albums of my boys.
10. Pink toenails. I love hot pink toenails or bright red.

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